Here at Maximum Effort Agency, the majority of businesses we work with serve a local market. We have a list of foundational and growth strategies. This week we will list out the foundational pieces. Look forward to these getting broken down in our future emails and then we will move to growth.

  1. Google My Business (GMB) Setup – Fill out all information on your Google My Business profile, add images, and add posts at least monthly
  2. Reviews + Citations – Attain reviews on your directories like Facebook (your page recommendations) and GMB. Also, set up the rest of the directory listings out on the web. You can do this with tools like BrightLocal.
  3. Facebook/IG Pages – Create them, add your profile and cover images. Make it look professional, have it fit your brand, and even if your not posting every day, you can be found.
  4. Website – When a prospect is digging into you, the first thing they will likely do is find reviews. If that warrants them the go-ahead to dig deeper, the next stop is generally your website if they’re not completely sold on giving you a call. Therefore a website that tells them what they need to know to make the call is critical.
  5. Facebook Pixel Setup – On your website make sure you add the Facebook Pixel. You don’t necessarily have to do anything with it yet, but make sure it’s there.
  6. Chatbot Setup – Have your Facebook page set up so that there are automated responses. You can start out for free on a tool like Chatmatic.

We hope you enjoy these 6 foundational action items to get to work on. If you’re unsure of any feel free to respond to this email and let us know, or you can do some digging on your own if you’re bored at home 👨💻.
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