Here at Maximum Effort Agency, the majority of businesses we work with serve a local market. We have a list of foundational and growth strategies. This week will focus on the first foundational strategy: GMB.

There are multiple pieces required to properly set up your GMB profile, so we’ll walk through the necessities.

  1. Business Name – Put what people call your business, not the official legal name.
  2. Categories – Make sure you select the primary category most relevant to your business. For your additional categories, add as many as possible as long as it’s something that you actually do. It doesn’t help if you rank for something you don’t do.
  3. Address – Make sure you fill it out the same on all your business listings. If that confuses you, just make sure it is the exact same as what you have on your Facebook Page. That means if you spell out “Drive” in 68 Westworld Drive on your FB page, do it on your GMB listing.
  4. Phone number – Make sure you fill it out. If you don’t want to list your personal number look into something like Grasshopper.
  5. Hours – fill them out completely and put in special hours for things like holidays.
  6. Services – Add all the different services you provide, pretty straightforward.
  7. Photos – Add everything you can, profile picture, cover photo, as many extra pictures as possible that are related to the work you do. If you’re a restaurant post pictures of food. If you’re in the financial industry post pictures of the team.
  8. Posts – Add posts as much as you can, try at least bi-weekly (or twice per month).

The ultimate point is to fill out all potential fields inside the GMB profile. This will help you stand out above your competitors. It will also help when someone is looking at who they’re going to call that you have as much relevant information as possible.
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