Here at Maximum Effort Agency, the majority of businesses we work with serve a local market. We have a list of foundational and growth strategies. This week will focus on the third foundational strategy: Facebook & Instagram pages.

Social profiles are for customers and potential customers to follow you, stay up to date, and share your content with non-customers. In other words, this is all about expanding your reach (awareness) and reminding people you’re still there (engagement).

What do we suggest? The basics:

  1. Profile picture
  2. Cover photo
  3. Fill out bio/about section
Also, make sure you review our last guide for citations. This is especially important on Facebook so Google can see consistencies in things like address & URL, which will help your SEO.

Since this is in the foundational strategies, it’s more about the setup. We’ll get more into social media posting once we hit the growth strategies so stay tuned for that.
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