We’re going to be honest – we don’t believe websites have the same value now as they did five years ago. It’s extremely important, but five years ago a website would have been the #1 most important thing to have as a small business.

A website is a place where people are looking for you and should help drive them to make a decision. It has to be conversion based. Also, you need to be able to generate traffic from somewhere or it will be a money pit of an investment. This is why we have growth stages* to help supplement a website.

Now, after talking it down it’s still of immense importance. If there is no way for someone to share a link, find more details about your services, or attain contact information for the older demographics, you’re missing out.

We believe a website needs these components (this is the shortlist):

  1. A strong headline
  2. A clear call to action
  3. Mobile-Optimized
  4. Easy to find contact information
  5. Connect with your buyer emotionally

*We will start covering those in a couple of weeks

Check out the other foundational strategies.

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