Ethically Scale During The Recession

The Official Membership by Maximum Effort Agency

  1. Tired of only getting word of mouth referrals?
  2. Is the looming recession keeping you up at night?
  3. Does growing your business take up too much time?

There are ways to be more profitable and efficient right now!

About Surge Select

Surge Select is a group of extraordinary business owners looking to grow and hit their goals. We work together without hiding secrets.

What do you get?

These are just a few ways we help you succeed…

Monday Jumpstart

We’ll send two ways to help on Monday. Trending news and how it applies to your marketing (like murder hornets, COVID-19) and a tactic that can be implemented.

Training Tuesday

Tuesday’s are our dedicated “Training Day.” We go live and you can watch later on-demand as well. 

Humpday Lesson

Get a short video designed to keep you on track mid-week.

Discounted Services

All Surge Select members get 10% off all our agency services. This is a unique offering to help show our appreciation to those with the desire to grow and succeed.

Special trial Offer

Join Today For Only $7

This deal will expire on June 30th, 2020

You’re in great company

I’ve worked with several marketers before, and I’ve never met anyone that gets the whole picture better than Steven. He’s hard-working, sharp, and comes up with the best strategy for each marketing campaign.

Daniel Hochman

CEO, Self Recovery

Maximum Effort Agency has been a great help with Internet marketing, google reviews, and a general understanding of how to place my business in a better position online!

Lisa Carter

Photographer, Photography by Lisa

Maximum Effort Agency has been fantastic to work with. They opened a door to a whole world of digital advertising I didn’t even know existed. Also, they improved our business processes to facilitate growth.

Mark Lavinder

CEO, Lavinder Group & Associates

A Word From Your Instructor

Hey, guys! I’m excited to join you inside Surge Select. I’m a former Army Ranger, Founder of Maximum Effort Agency (and two other businesses), and Investor who will lead you through your live trainings. I absolutely hate to brag, but I understand I’m nothing without credentials. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing countless multi-millionaires, worked with first to market brands, and actively consult and manage over 50 brands. Forget about shiny object syndrome, starting a TikTok, and investing countless hours of other strategies that you’re unsure of. We will work together on implementing proven techniques each and every week dedicated to doing 2 things:

  1. Save you time.
  2. Grow your revenue.

One customer pays for Surge Select. However, that alone doesn’t make it worth it. We will aim to getting you predictable clientele monthly from inbound strategies.

I’m excited to help you dial in on your goals, and overcome any fears the looming recession has.

To growth,

Steven E Werley

Scaling to 7-8 figures requires systems

Do some people get lucky? Sure. However, the majority of businesses are small businesses and don’t have multi-million dollar valuations, struggle to get financing, and are left to fend for themselves during difficult times.

Whether you’re looking to open new locations or are barely scraping to get by, we make it easy to prove this works for $7.

The thing is, this can be solved by implementing proven strategies and processes designed to not only scale, but be a backbone for businesses.

We’ve seen this work great with:

  • Hiring and training new employees
  • Ease onboarding processes
  • Target clients willing to pay your worth (not your time)
  • Increase profit from current clients
  • Reclaim old clients
  • Get your clients to promote your business
  • Generate more trust in the marketplace (stop the snake oil salesman tactics)
  • Create a predictable selling system
  • Know what’s working and what’s not (with easily trackable data)
  • Decrease after-hours time working in your business
  • And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my industry?

The vast majority of businesses that join are service-based businesses. This means we see Lawyers, Doctors, Landscapers, General Contractors, and other home and professional service businesses.

What do I have to do to succeed?

Valid question. What you have to do is be willing to spend 1-2 hours per week into your business growth. That means consuming the content, and implementing what is coached. Steven will provide step by step solutions on how to implement certain things.

How can I get a quick win?

Right now is the perfect time to join. During the trial period, we are offering membership for $7 because the Tuesday sessions are going through the foundational requirements to get set inside of your business. Once we complete the foundations, they will be available upon joining inside of our membership portal.

What if I can't watch the training sessions live?

No problem. All sessions will continue to stay inside of the Facebook group, and will also go inside our membership portal which you are granted access at the time of signing up.

What does the support look like?

We communicate together inside of a Facebook group you’ll have access to upon signing up. Members not only help each other inside, but Steve and other admins will jump in to assist. 

What if I just want you to do it?

If you want us to just build and implement things for you, you’re in luck. By joining this you gain access to 10% off all agency services. That means with certain services you will have made back the amount this costs you in a year with the amount you’d save on certain projects. That’s more money in your pocket.

I hate technology, will I be able to handle this?

Short answer – yes. We make everything easy to understand with step by step instructions. Also, one of our goals is to simplify everything which means picking the tech that will be easiest to implement and scale with you. This will help prevent issues down the road.

Can my business partner join?

When you join, your business joins. That means if you want to hire a marketing person without a marketing background, they can use Surge Select to complete their tasks and grow your business while you sleep. No double charges here!

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